The Rocky Mountain Line is an integral part of the North American Rail system. Crossing the Continental Divide, the backbone of the nation, through the Muppet Tunnel, we are a vital connection between the Great Plains and the West Coast. At Centennial City the RML interchanges with the Chicago Burlington & Quincy, Colorado & Southern, Grand Central, Missouri Pacific, Santa Fe and Rock Island for connections to the east and south. Interchange with the West Coast railroads, the Western Pacific, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific, takes place in Utah, the RML’s western terminus. Connections to the northern roads are achieved with interchange with the C&S at Centennial City and the Powder River & Chugwater at Columbine. “Serving the West” is not just our slogan, it is our everyday commitment to our customers.

- Columbine Coal Company (CCC) -

The Columbine Coal Company’s coal branch joins the Rocky Mountain Line at Coal Gate. CCC trains have trackage rights on the RML and are operated by RML road crews. Trains leaving Columbine Yard should proceed to Coal Gate under yard limit rules and then contact the dispatcher for clearance to enter the RML‘s CTC control. Conversely, trains leaving the RML at Coal Gate must notify the dispatcher when they have cleared the Coal Gate switch and then proceed to Columbine Yard.

- Goldpin Tramway-

The Dragerton mining branch which leaves RML trackage at Goldpin Junction is operated by the Goldpin Tramway. Tramway crews operate independently from the RML under their own operating rules which are provided separately. Interchange between the RML and GT takes place at Goldpin Junction.

- Powder River & Chugwater (PR&C) -

The PR&C interchanges with the RML at the Columbine Coal Fields. The PR&C is the major north-south railroad between Columbine and Laurel, MT. The PR&C taps the coal fields of Wyoming and the metropolis of Chugwater with its large chili plant. The RML and PR&C collaborate with north-south through freight service between Centennial City, CO and Laurel, MT known as the Chili Run Thru.


The Rocky Mountain Line connects with the Western Pacific, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific in Utah providing service to all points west.


Through the Colorado Joint line and East Yard, the Rocky Mountain Line interchanges with the Chicago Burlington and Quincy, Colorado and Southern, Chicago Rock Island and Pacific, Missouri Pacific, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe, and the Grand Central. The CB&Q, C&S and ATSF also have run through train agreements with the RML.

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