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TimetableThe Rocky Mountain Line comes alive during an operating session. With the Joint Line, 9th Street Yard, Centennial City Union Terminal, helper operations, mining branch and the RML mainline up to 30 operators can be kept busy. Car cards with 4 part waybills route the freight cars and a printed train sheet gives the crews their instructions. The dispatcher controls the CTC machine which operates the mainline turnouts and signals keeping the trains running smoothly. Communication is through a telephone system. Sessions usually last about three hours using a 4:1 fast clock.

The following employment opportunities are available for each operating session on the Rocky Mountain Line. The positions will be filled by the applicants present just prior to the beginning of each session.

The superintendent is responsible for all aspect of the railroad including the physical plant, personnel and movement of trains. He assigns crews to their positions, authorizes extra trains and assists new crew members. Any repairs necessary to correct malfunctions are his responsibility and can only be done with his authority.

DISPATCHER The dispatcher is responsible for the safe movement of all trains over the Rocky Mountain Line. He is to assure on time performance of passenger trains and priority freight trains. He must be proficient with the RML CTC machine and telephone communication system. He is not responsible for train movements on the Colorado Joint Line.

ASSISTANT DISPATCHER The assistant dispatcher works closely with the dispatcher to call crews and provide them the proper train orders. He may relieve the dispatcher at the CTC machine from time to time and perform other duties as assigned by the superintendent. He also will provide crews with DCC support.

The terminal superintendent has authority for all train movements in Centennial City, supervising and working closely with the 9th Street yardmaster and CCUT stationmaster. He is responsible for the punctual arrival and departure of trains both on the Joint Line to the east and the RML to the west. He is also responsible for the movement of locomotives in the terminal and within the Engine Yard. He may move power himself or assign those duties to a hostler.

Road crews are responsible for the safe movement of their assigned trains and must always exercise quality throttle time. They must be certain that turnouts are properly aligned as they proceed. Headlights and warning lights must be turned on and whistle signals and engine bells must be sounded properly if their locomotive is so equipped. They will receive their train orders from the dispatcher or his assistant and are responsible for all instructions listed. They are also responsible for the train’s car cards which must be maintained according to car card protocol. When their run has been completed they must notify the dispatcher.

Helper crews are based in Goldpin Junction to assist heavy trains up the 2% grade of Svenska Hill. Helper locomotives may push behind steel waycars, but must be placed in front of wood waycars. Helper locomotives must be placed on the head end of passenger trains. Helper locomotives may be cut off at Svenska or Alpine Summit. The helper crews also perform the switching duties at Goldpin Junction.

The yardmaster is responsible for all train and car movements within 9th Street Yard limits. He grants clearance for arriving and departing trains; oversees the makeup of all outbound trains and the classification of arriving cars; communicates with the RML dispatcher via phone and Joint Line crews through the JL Tower operator and is responsible for car cards. He may operate a yard engine as he feels necessary.

The switching crews operate yard engines to make up and break down trains as directed by the yardmaster. They also work the CJ Cement Plant, ice platforms and Engine Yard. Occasional transfer runs may be made to Centennial Bottoms.

The stationmaster is responsible for all train movements on CCUT tracks and is responsible for keeping trains on schedule. He grants clearance for inbound, outbound and thru trains using appropriate signals at Tower A and Tower B. He oversees the terminal switching crews and may also operate a terminal switcher as needed. He works closely with the RML dispatcher, terminal superintendent and JL Tower operator to insure smooth arrival and departure of trains. The stationmaster is responsible for all car cards of cars arriving, departing and switched within the terminal.

The terminal switch crews operate CCUT switchers to switch trains and cars under the direction of the stationmaster. They may operate the controls of Tower A and Tower B. They are responsible for switching the Post Office, REA Building and Coach Yard as directed by the stationmaster.

The Joint Line trainmaster is responsible for safe and on time train movements on the Joint Line. He gives crews their assignments and train orders and also operates trains as required.

Crews assigned to the Colorado Joint Line will be required to operate trains from all five railroads using trackage rights between East Yard and Centennial City. Train order sheets will be received from the Joint Line trainmaster. They are responsible for keeping trains on schedule. Headlights and warning lights must be turned on and whistle signals and engine bells must be sounded properly if their locomotive is so equipped. They are also responsible for the train’s car cards which must be maintained according to car card protocol.

The JL Tower operator controls the flow on traffic between the Colorado Joint Line and Centennial City’s 9th Street Yard and Union Terminal by using the turnout and signal controls of the tower. He coordinated train movements with the Joint Line trainmaster, the 9th Street yardmaster and CCUT stationmaster. The JL Tower operator is also responsible for switching the Centennial Bottoms industrial area.

The Dragerton switching crew will also perform the duties of the GT trainmaster. In addition to seeing that the Miners Express, Tram Turn and Timber Turn are operated he may also authorize transfer runs as required. He is the final authority on the Goldpin Tramway.



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